Information Technology


Health Care and Management


Technical Business Development & Operations


Engineering / Manufacturing


Information Technology Staff Augmentation Services include systems design, programming and network analysis, as well as consulting, conversions, software development and information systems disaster control.

Health Care and Management We understand the business within health care industry and the IT support staffing needs. The positions sourced include Business Analysts, ERP specialist, Developers and Programmers, Project Managers.

Technical Business Development & Operations Within specialized technical niches such as Oil & Gas, Industrial, and Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, qualified personnel are available at all levels and not limited to, Sales (Inside/Outside), Re-seller Sales, Channel Management, Marketing, Business Development, National/Regional/ Targeted Account Management, Business Analysis/Project Management, Consulting, Customer Service, Purchasing/Procurement, Cost & Price Estimating, Contracts, Product Management, Planning/Scheduling, Materials/Control, Supply Chain Management etc.

Engineering / Manufacturing Also provided services in the fields of telecommunications and manufacturing. The type of engineers we recruited: software/hardware, test, project, research and development, manufacturing, mechanical design, electrical/electronics, controls, facilities/ plant maintenance, quality, process, medical, industrial, field service and semiconductor.

Data Science The data (structured or unstructured) that’s captured  from various sources is your asset. Our Data Science consultants can help extracting knowledge out of this data to help take strategic decisions and improve your business.

Process Mining Use Process Mining algorithms to identify process flows based on Event logs and Transactional data. Process Mining helps with: – Identify current process – Conformity check of current processes against intended/designed processes – Automated Audit check of process conformity – Operational improvement – Predictive Process Maintenance

GIS Services Offering GIS Solutions in partnership with GeoSpoc, a company that is highly specialized in GIS Solutions and Products

Machine Learning Various Machine Learning algorithms and computational power of computers to solve human problems Predictive Analytics Big data analytics requires greater use of predictive analytics to uncover hidden patterns and their relationships to visualize and explore data and to provide futuristic view of your organization and operations.

Natural Language Processing Conversational AI: ChatBots and Virtual Assistants. Helps your customer communication to the next level. Our consultants are experienced in identifying the business area where chatbots improves your business and build them

Robotic Process Automation Identify and automate labor intensive and repetitive tasks by mimicking human actions. We help you  productivity by using software tools that automate certain human repetitive tasks thereby help your employees focus more on strategic activities




Predictive ERP





Small to Large enterprises use ERP systems while some small to mid-sized enterprises use various disparate systems. The goal of this product is to interface with any of these applications and provide query services to the users.



Analyze current and historical facts stored in ERP to make predictions about unknown events



Query your data using natural language rather than depend on technical team to build SQL queries.

Some of the Public Sector Clients that we provide contingent workforce for: