Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has proven to be a highly effective tool used by recruitment and staffing industries. However, this tool is predominantly a data capture tool and most systems currently do not have a mechanism to provide intelligence to staffing professionals. Customers who use these products end up using them as record keeping systems. There are no algorithms included in them that provide intelligent assistance and automation.

AI-Recruit product is designed to provide intelligence in recruiting process thereby assist recruiters many of the recruiting processes and improve the productivity and quality of service.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are designed and are used to capture a company’s data in all its departments. The ERPs systems are implemented by many corporations to computerize and automate their various departments’ business transactions. These systems have been in use for many years and have been collecting vast amount of data. Our consulting experience with various clients shows that this vast amount of data (Big Data) collected over years can be used to show a valuable insight into

1. How a company is performing in each of its departments and its current state of affairs.

2. Why a company is performing in certain way in terms of its performance and other things.

3. Based on the above two points, predict what might be happening: Predictive Analysis

Big data analytics requires greater use of predictive analytics to uncover hidden patterns and their relationships to visualize and explore data. The evolution of big data and predictive analytics have given a new way for exploring new frontiers in analytics-driven automation and decision management in high-volume, front-line operational decisions.


A turnkey product, “Procure-BI” that will enable Procurement Organizations (Purchasing managers, Buyers, Purchasing Agents) to take strategic decisions based on the procurement intelligence. The product comes with predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics, and reports.